Academic Writing Tutoring

Academic writing is one of the highly desirable skills in the digital world by a variety of individuals including students, academic tutors, and freelance academic writers. We cater to the needs of all these groups particularly in Kenya via our training on academic writing techniques. Our course takes our clients from the basic lessons on formatting, structuring, prose etc. to the complex and wide areas of scientific research, literature reviews, critical analyses and dealing with academic-based data.

We understand that sometimes students fail to deliver good enough papers to their institutions not because they are not intelligent but because they are juggling between different things and dividing attention to different activities.

We have previously worked with such students offering one-on-one trainings, issuing sample papers, and solving complex problems together. This has given us a rick experience in navigating and simplifying the rather complex world of essays, reports, dissertations, theses, and similar academic papers. This makes us a hallmark of quality in this industry and thus the best suited to train any newcomers in the field.

Our portfolio of clients is ever increasing and therefore we are always open to transitioning our trainees into the academic writing industry with paid gigs and mentoring.