Brand Loyalty Surveys

Our brand loyalty surveys enable the brands we work with to determine their customer retention rates on an ongoing basis. Our understanding is that brand loyalty as a metric in a critical indicator of what a brand does best in its market and how this can be translated into a consistent and predictable retention rate.

We thus empower brands in making important choices around brand loyalty including the kind of influencers to use in furthering customer engagement, the elements of a product that make customers come back, the brand personality aspects that resonate with customers, and consistency of products and services.

Using our panel of respondents, we create a longitudinal survey where brand sentiments are drawn from a constant pool of customers thus eliminating the error associated with using different customer clusters at each point in time the survey is dispatched. Our researchers are also well-trained to follow standardized approaches within each survey hence making the results more reliable for decision making. All this is done with integration of unique and innovative data collection techniques ranging from games, role-playing, focus groups, interviews among others.