Company and Business Profile

We come up with company and business profiles for both investment and academic purposes. We have the capability to do this based our company background which is characterized by a merge between a team with consultancy practice and one with a scholarly research background.

Whether your company is newly registered or has been in operation for a while and regardless of being focused in Kenya or the international market, we will write the most accurate profile for your business. We leverage on our experience with different industry contexts including construction, agriculture, retail and general supplies, security, automotive, education, government among others to structure profiles that catch the attention of the market.

Our profile writing service will thus move you from using templates and examples from Google to owning a uniquely-tailored and effective profile that captures the unique value and identity that your company takes to the market. The profiles we write range from human-oriented story-telling narratives to technical documents meant for specific professional use.

In addition, our approach is guaranteed to make you stand out as we not only model it to your brick and mortar business needs but also optimize it for search engine-based ranking (SEO).