Content Development

At Epique Writers, we approach content development as an art that can be learned and mastered in time. We also understand that content suitability by any audience is ever changing. At the core of our content development lessons is thus a mission to take our students from the basic technical skills for content development to mastery of the subject to the point of where they can learn independently as driven by the market demands.

Our lessons on content development are offered via a hands-on approach where all the skills taught are reinforced through practice sessions under the guidance of our experienced team members. Our clients are thus guaranteed of a seamless transition from learning into applying their skills in the market through our ‘learn by doing’ mantra.  

Under content development, we teach researching, ideation, gathering, organizing, writing, and editing of information for publication. Some of the core skills we cover include strategic thinking, written and verbal skills, digital communication, detail orientation, basic SEO and HTML skills, and critical analysis. We also give an introductory outlook of the specific software and tools used in content development particularly the Adobe Suite.