Data Analysis

At Epique Writers, we offer some of the most robust and thorough data analysis services in the Kenyan market. At the core of these services are our experts with specialized knowledge in data tools such as E-Views, SPSS, R Software, Advanced MS Excel, STATA, Nvivo among others. We are always improving the diversity and depth of our tools towards handling both qualitative and quantitative data better and with great efficiency.

Our mobile-based data collection system also has an integrated analysis tool that readily produces reports that better suit a repetitive data collection and analysis process such as monthly retail insights. Applying this tool has helped us minimize the time between data collection and action recommendation to our clients particularly in the FMCG industry.

Given the volume differences in data collection and analysis needs of different clients, we have customized pricing packages in addition to the standard packages to better suit these needs. High volume, time-bound data collection and analysis can thus be negotiated as a custom package for better value between Epique Writers and its clients. However, regardless of the package you choose, our large scale of operations allows us to pass the benefits to each client in the form of most competitive rates in the market.