Data Collection

Epique Writers offers data collection services that fit both individual researchers and corporate needs. Our primary collection approaches is via mobile-based technologies which allows us high penetration of remote, inaccessible, and hence vulnerable communities in Kenya. This approach enables us to best address the needs of non-governmental organizations and project-based work in rural Kenya. We have a proven track record of using SMS, our legacy mobile application and field-based agents who can readily reach target groups on a need-basis.

In addition, we have refined our data collection processes over time beyond the traditional questionnaires and interviews. Some of the new techniques we apply include gamification and role-playing as part of the data collection process towards more accurate results. We equally have developed capacity for on-demand data which we provide from our panel of respondents that is curated for over 60 data points. Using the panel, we can provide data for different use cases including consumer insights for retail cases, patient experience for medical purposes, and political dispositions. All this data is diverse and rich since our panel is considers multiple factors beyond the basic elements of age, gender, and location.