Data Entry, Cleaning and Verification

In most cases, data entry, cleaning, and verification is a tedious task that requires a large dedicated workforce with experience in sorting through large blocks of data and refining it for later use. This is exactly the solution that Epique Writers offers to its clients. We have the workforce, the tools, and the experience necessary to turn your large unstructured data into organized, refined and ready-for-use data within short durations of time.

Our solution circumvents two of most common issues our competitors in Kenya face; accuracy when dealing with large volumes, and working with strict schedules. What makes us unique is that we have over 7 years’ experience in handling data which translates to a very knowledgeable workforce working under efficient processes. Our teams operate in an out of office which enables constant monitoring while giving them autonomy to work during their most productive hours. As a client you are therefore assured of the best quality work within your chosen timeline.

We also employ the best software solutions to complement the input of our workforce in Kenya. This translates to sole use of software in some cases where the data entry, cleaning, and verification process can be automated. The software-people integration enables us to offer clients the most competitive pricing rates regionally as our efficiency cuts on unnecessary costs.