Data Reporting and Presentation

At Epique Writers, we understand that the ultimate result of data analysis are insights that offer clear and actionable points to non-technical consumers of data in Kenya and beyond. Our reporting and presentation services are thus built around the need to format output of analyses in a sense-making manner.

Our process thus starts at technical analysis and hence a technical report, and then a summarized non-technical report for overall consumption. Our reports and presentations are tailored for each use-case and at their basic form contain an integration of numbers, figures, pictures, flowcharts, and other graphics to make them visually appealing and understandable to the final audience.

Among the popular report and presentation options for our clients include stand-alone infographics, PDF reports, newsletter reports, and integrated reports. We often generate reports with write-ups of significant aspects of the data in a prose form as a standard practice. Overall, we provide an all-round approach to report design and presentation needs with a clear focus on the audience.

Whether you are targeting your presentation for a corporate boardroom, a group of investors, an audience of customers, or an academic panel, our service will take your report to the next level and this comes at the most competitive prices in Kenya.