Grants and Proposals

Epique Writers offers uniquely tailored grants and proposal writing services to individuals seeking financial support for their studies and research projects both in Kenya and internationally. Our staff team has over the years looked into the requirements of various major institutions offering academic grants and, in the process, developed a host of techniques that ensure we create the most accurate proposals for you.

Our grants and proposal writing package moves you from playing ‘Google roulette’ trying to find the best example, sample, guide on proposal writing or grant applications to being assured of a one-stop solution that will work for the specific institution to which you are applying. Whether your proposal is directed at a government agency, a non-profit institution, or a charity foundation, our wide-reaching experience will ensure you are among the entries that get accepted.

Beyond the technical writing service, our team will offer you training and advisory on identifying the best grants and proposal submission opportunities globally based on your area of interest. We achieve this via keeping a database list of top grants and scholarship opportunities available for all learning levels including undergraduate, postgraduate and some academic fellowships.