Impact Assessment Surveys

Our research portfolio in the Kenyan market has built up our capability in measurement techniques and frameworks that fit best with the local market. This capability is at the core of our impact assessment surveys.

Our solution is centered on our knowledge that it is difficult for organizations to determine impact levels; for instance the negative impact of a disaster or the positive impact of project interventions. In the Kenyan context, the difficulty is exacerbated by inaccessibility of some audiences in remote and underdeveloped locations.

We enable our clients accurately measure impact by using our mobile-based data collection tools especially relying on SMS services. In a disaster aftermath, SMS communication remains a resilient form of communication and hence its centrality in our need assessment surveys. We similarly apply SMS to measure project impacts of organization working with remote and vulnerable communities.

Our impact assessment surveys thus take a unique approach that fits the audience and hence offer fast and reliable information solutions both in times of emergencies and on time-sensitive projects. Our scale of operation and already set up infrastructure also enable us to offer the best cost-value balance to our clients making us your best choice in the market.