Market Feasibility and Testing

Our market feasibility and testing services offer insight into the state of the industry and market externalities that are likely to affect your investment. Our goal is to assist you in making the right investment decisions by producing an unbiased assessment of critical dimensions of the Kenyan market touching on your potential project.

We have an extensive understanding of the Kenyan consumer based on our work with multiple brands and well curated and updated panel data. This understanding enables us to guarantee you reliable insights regardless of the scale and nature of your investment. So, whether you are opening up a mini-supermarket store, building a mall, or testing the reception of a new product, we will consider the appropriate parameters and provide an accurate performance outlook in the market. Our basic market feasibility report gives a description of the industry, the current market state, competition and competitor strategies, anticipated future market developments, and critical success factors for the industry.

Our strategies under market feasibility and testing studies include a triangulation of data sources such as general consumers surveys, panel data surveys, focus group interviews, observation, key informant interviews, desktop research, historical analyses among others. We therefore offer a comprehensive analysis at the best rates in the market.