Product Development Research

Our product development research services are tailored to enable brands make better decisions during the market development stage for new products. We create information solutions across the spectrum of product development including ideation, design, testing, and deployment. Our aim is to offer insight on the unknown risk factors during introduction of new products by assessing the fit between the product, the market, and the brand.

Our value proposition is that your brand will focus better on product design and deployment using the readily available insights that we will provide. The insights range from a customer-oriented view of the product, the industry critical success factors, competing alternatives, to even market readiness for the proposed product. In the case of second-mover products, our insights additionally cover the competitor’s launch strategies and market reception of the first-mover’s products.

During the product testing stage, our service uses video, picture and focus groups to capture the immediate reaction to products. We enrich this data by spreading the survey to different customer groups throughout our research panel hence allowing for triangulation of results. Overall, we put your product development strategy on the path of success using accurate and reliable data and insights.