Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the fastest growing areas of specialization in the gig economy in Kenya and the globally at large. As companies continue to build an online presence through websites, blogs, and search engine-based advertisements, SEO practitioners have become a central part of digital strategies in these companies. Our SEO tutoring services are built on addressing this market gap by offering training to individuals and organizations on the technical skills needed to navigate SEO.

The overall goal of our training is to help our clients become the best at developing content written for humans but optimized for search algorithms. We leverage on our excellence in handling written projects and acumen for digital services to present the training as a wholesome package that includes crawling access, writing compelling content, keyword optimization, user experience optimization, sharable content, clickthrough generation, and schema markup all of which help in  standing out from the millions of written content on the internet. Ultimately, the goal is to develop sufficient skill in our clients which enables them to move their content to the first page of Google hence increasing their visibility and consequently their profitability.