Epique Writers has a dedicated team of transcribers that works on transcription projects for clients across all our focal markets including Kenya, US, UK and UAE (Dubai). Over several years, we have developed a transcription process that is fast and reliable, and better overall compared to our competitors. Our transcription job openings in Kenya are targeted at specific individuals as we check for capabilities not only to listen with accuracy but also follow guidelines and work with strict deadlines. This transcription prowess thus allows us to offer our clients the best value services at fair prices and in tune with the demands of a fast-moving world.

We offer flexible packages under transcription including note-taking, verbatim text, annotated scripts, speaker identity, timestamps, among others all to suit your needs. Our enterprise package also allows you to place a bulk order with more favorable terms. We can take weekly, monthly or quarterly orders with the option of paying a retainer fee for continuous services.

Our portfolio in transcription services includes legal, health and medical, and business transcripts. We are however not limited in our scope as we are always excited to take on new challenges in transcribing.