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We are a fast-paced company that has become a leading hub in Kenya in equipping people with the rights skills towards making money online. By joining us you will thus be exposed to a variety of learning paths and areas of specialty that fit you best.

We are a community and therefore you will be part of like-minded individuals that keep charging each other to become better at what they do. You are bound to learn, grow, and explore faster and through a rich experience all while making a living in the process.

Our renumeration rates are among the best in the industry which means you will get paid at an above-average rate for your skills. Even better is the fact that there is no limit to maximum earnings as it all depends on your dedication and work ethic.

Beyond the money, we have built a positive work environment where everyone expresses care and concern for each other in a 360-degree approach. Two of our major ways through which we look after our staff members are a Welfare department that helps our staff with their well-being and a SACCO (Ubunifu) that motivates saving and investing responsibly.

We are always recruiting. Kindly submit your details for review.

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